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European New year by Ukrainian traditions in the center of capital.
Between two bell towers, during the whole month, grand celebrations will be held timed by the passing of the old and the arrival of the new year.
An extraordinary concert program, live music, entertainment venues for children and adults, an incredibly generous number of photozones - all waiting for Kievans and guests of the capital.

Easter Egg Festival, where the best artists and lovers will gather, in order to draw Easter eggs in the size from 5 cm to 2 m.

Holiday for all visitors of all ages!
For those who were born in Kiev, for the ones who came to the city of chestnuts recently, and for those who were in the capital for the first time there is the feast of eternal beauty and Ukrainian traditions, which were laid since 882.

Day of national dress
National holiday celebrated by Ukrainians on the third Thursday of May!
The event, which brings gourmet embroiderers from all over the world!