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What is the “New Year at Sophia Area 2016” new look?

26 August 2015

New year still far away, but the organizing Committee Folk Ukraine conducts active preparation for the implementation of the project "New year in Sofia 2016".

A month ago the contest of the stylistic concept of the celebration was launched, and yesterday, finally, we have determined the finalists.

Our congratulations to winners:

I. «Logwood» company
II. V. Pasko, M. Gorlach 
III. «DN ArchiStudio»

So three main locations were chosen for New Year and Christmas events. They are Sophia and Mikhaylivska Squares and Volodimirsky Passage. 

“Apples, candies, lollipops , nuts, gingerbread and warm colors will decorate New Year tree and create the atmosphere of home and comfort. People used to decorate New Year trees like this many years ago. The led comet will become main peculiarity of the holiday. It will fly between two bell-towers and light the New Year tree.  A big gingerhouse will be settled on the Sophia square. 8 ice slides will be settled around it in order to avoid long queues as we had last year” the “Folk Ukraine” project founder Igor Dobrutskyi said.

Next to the monument to Khmelnytsky, you may receive an observation deck, and the "Avenue of champagne". Mikhailivska Square with its attractions will serve for children’s entertainment. Besides different attrations an ice rink and Ferris wheel will be settled on. We also will try to realize one more idea: to create a wooden pedestrian bridge with various decorative elements that will stretch from the sidewalk of Volodimirsky Passage to Mikhailivska Square.  

But the final version of the conception will be chosen by Ukrainians via internet interactive game. It will be launched on our official web-site in October. The game will give the opportunity to choose St. Nicholas’ friends, music, snacks, attractions etc.  So everyone will be able to join to the creation of his/her New Year dream!!! 

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