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21 October 2015

The Festival “New Year between Two Bell Towers” will take place in the Ukrainan capital From 19th December to 16th January. 

14 concerts will be held at the stage during the New Year and Christmas celebration. So we’re inviting the best performers to present their talents and to join to the creation of celebration/

The dates of our concerts:

• 19th  December – official opening of the Festivel “New Year between Two Bell Towers” 
• 20th, 26th, 27th December – New Year program 
• 31th December – New Year celebration
• 1st, 2nd, 3rd January - New Year program
• 7th January – Christmas celebration
• 9th, 10th January - New Year program
• 13th , 14th  January - New Year program
• 16th – closing of New Year and Christmas Fair

What is waiting for you?

- The stage at the main New Year and Christmas event of Ukraine
- Dig, warm stage (temperature  +25С)
- Small open stage
- Media support and performances of pop stars, other outstanding performers and anchors.  
- We’re gathering about 40 thousands of people during one concert day
- Accurate and professional level of organization 
- Best sound equipment and light.

Dear permers, your creation should be presented in front of the whole country! 

Send your demo-recordings via e-mail   remarking your personal and contact information/

We are waiting for your applications! 

The application should have following information:

1) Name of performer / band
2) Genre
3) Pictures, video, audio material
4) Contact information

The coordinator of all the concerts is Svetlana Rikhliuk , 067-283-26-98.

Join the creation of great celebration! 
Wish Happy New Year to Your Country!

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