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Meeting with foreign ambassadors and presentation "Neo Year in Sofia"

5 September 2017

Hello, friends we are glad to report that at the 29th of August, with the participation of 56 embassies, we presented our plans and goals for near future.

 It's about time we share this information with you. This we will actively work on three following projects: The first, our main and most famous project is the New Year at Sofiivska Square. This year we decided to move away from the traditional ethno-theme, our style will be based on neon light and surely surprise with its conceptuality. Also, we will do our best to ensure that our food court is organically combined with the overall concept of the event and operated at the highest level of quality.

The second project with which we have long been familiar with, is the Pisanka festival and the Easter market. Here as well, we decided to make changes to the overall style of the event. This year we partially abandon the customary form of our art objects in favor of Easter bunnies.At ourpresentation, we asked the employees of foreign representations to help us in decorating these art objects. We remind you that you can also participate in this.

The last, but no less important project, perhaps the most ambitious in the history of our company's existence, is the creation of an international landscape park with the support of embassies. At this stage, we are looking for a platform where we could realize our idea, we will be happy to cooperate and consider any proposals. Finally I would like to wish you a good ending to the summer. With the onset of autumn, our company is actively starting to work on the organization of the New Year, so one cold winter evening you could find an island of warmth and comfort at our event.

 Thank you!

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